Daily Horoscopes — 27 July 2018

The cosmos has three words for you today: “Machine Wash Hot.” The Sun opposes Mars and the Moon teams up with Mars to fight the Sun (who will have nothing to do with either of them), but the Earth’s shadow cancels the Moon as she sinks into the Stygian darkness. There can be no resurrection without death in the first place, and getting the whitest whites out of your laundry requires heat, time, pressure, and a little caustic bleach.


As joyful struggle forces you to make a choice you would rather avoid, you find your debt to old friends to be the helping hand you need to decide what is most important in your life. Clarity comes in the form of listening the movements of joy within your heart, even if those very movements are antithetical to the expectations you had for yourself. Don’t make any choice lightly.


Family commitments butt up against your own limitations, and those ties that bind will demand that you allow the old expectations and ways of relating to your roots to pass away so that new collaborative opportunities may take root and flourish. Remember that permanence is an illusion; the way to life is to embrace its processes.


A false and distant friend brings word of something that they need and although your heart goes out to them, consider the extent to which this doing this friend’s emotional labor will require false words that you find yourself unable to speak today. If the rift that emerges between you strikes a fatal blow to your friendship, all is not lost—let them depart in peace, and you will find peace yourself.


A superior asks you to bite off more than you can chew, committing more of yourself to a new undertaking that excites you. Despite a desire to give them whatever it is they want, you will find that your desire to maintain your own energetic equilibrium gives you the backbone you need in order to say “no” to requests that go far beyond anything that is reasonably expected.


Who is carrying the weight of your relationship? Today’s supernal and subtle tension calls you to consider deeply the shape and flexibility of your covenanted partnerships as you feel like your over-commitment of energy is driving you to the point of loneliness. It is not wrong to ask for what you need—and today need not presage a breakup, but you will have the opportunity to lay everything on the table.


The Good Samaritan crossed the road to help the victim of the robbery in the ditch because he was unafraid to turn towards death, isolation, and ostracization in order to show mercy to one most in need of it. Today calls you to consider how your duty and your debt to others is calling you to cross into new roads to assist people whom those around you would rather you ignore.


You’ve got a clear idea as to where you want to go in your life, but today, the harsh realities of energy-sucking collaborations and a dip in your cash flow burst your luminous bubble. Recalculating your route forward may, however, provide you with a joyful opportunity to revisit and revise steps that were never going to work in the first place.


It’s a breakout day for your career but even as you find yourself flying upward you will feel the pinch that comes from a growing distance between your image of yourself and how you are perceived by those with their eye on you. Can you continue in this direction while maintaining the feral authenticity that courses underneath your still and steady surface?


Despite your natural tendency to thrust yourself far afield in pursuit of new horizons, a sense of nostalgia (and perhaps a lingering credit card bill) tether you down perhaps longer than you intended, hemming you in and pinning you to the ground. Do not fear having to hang out around your old stomping grounds, for you may uncover something you’d never seen before.


Your friends, folks, and partner all seem to be on your side today as you get into fisticuffs over money that is owed to you that causes you to make some challenging decisions. It’s important that you not lose your head, and instead utilize your now-uncanny power to act decisively and discerningly to achieve your desired result.


Your partner will offer an illuminating and challenging insight into the question of career and commitment that has been draining all of your energy in recent weeks. Do not be alarmed by how forthright your partner’s words are, and do your best not to react explosively, for it’ll take a few beats for what they have to say to land in your head and your heart.


The hangover you’re nursing today—whether from too much drink or too much emotional labor—will be a doozy, and yet, it will have an important lesson to teach you about how your own limitations. Listen to the wisdom that your body whispers to you in the quiet moments, for the body’s wisdom is as real as anything a guru could teach you.

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Featured image from Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

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