Nate’s approach to the vocational reading was awesome. The session was super informative and helpful. Nate is easy to talk to, which is important because it’s hard for me to talk about my work and career at this point. He helped me open up my mind and start to look my whole chart as a way of determining what direction I might want to take my career. I look forward to future sessions!

— SR, United States (Vocation Calibration)

It’s one thing to follow an astrologer on social media, occasionally giving a like when something resonates, and quite another to take the plunge and book a reading. Nate’s offering of vocational insight was just the push I needed. Reader, I was impressed. Not only did Nate focus in on the issues I brought up and give insight based on my chart, but he also helped unearth the questions I hadn’t realized needed to be asked. And he didn’t stop there. He offered activities and book lists and “homework” so I could continue processing in a way that would bring results (none of this “here’s your sign now off you go”). So if you’re looking for someone who will work with you and offer solid steps, book a vocational reading with Nate. Discover what in your life sparks joy in work. Thank you, Nate!

— SP, United States (Vocation Calibration)

My reading with Nate was a great experience. He is professional yet personal, and he made the most of our time together. I could tell that he put a lot of time, care, and effort into preparing for my reading. I learned so much about myself and my path through his thorough explanations. I loved that he was interested in hearing the background of “astrological confirmations” within my chart, as well as the interpretations he came up with as a result of our conversation. I hope to meet with him again in the future! 10/10

– DR, United States (Natal Consultation)

I had my very first reading with NRC today, and I am really glad I made the decision to reach out to him. NRC is an up-and-coming astrologer, but he already has an excellent grasp of advanced astrology concepts and techniques. I have had readings from other established astrologers with decades of experience under their belts, and NRC holds his own amongst that group in my opinion. What sets NRC apart is his ability to recognize and pinpoint the deeper life themes with ease and surprising accuracy, of course he does’t just trust his gut on this, he backs it up with data sets instead of debatable archetypes! He is respectful and encouraging in his approach. When communicating some of the more challenging transits in my chart, he did them in manner that was kind yet constructive. The hour I spent with NRC gave me more insight that I thought would be possible in such a reading. NRC also answered my very first horary question and I can’t wait to see how things unfold over the next year. I look forward to working with NRC in the future, he has a very bright one ahead of him for sure!

– DS, United States (Natal & Horary Consultation)

Really careful, thoughtful reading. He really cares about his clients and is precise in his practice, and went above and beyond my initial ask to really get to the heart of what I needed to know in order to give me the most accurate and most helpful reading possible. Would absolutely recommend him to anyone. Punctual, sharp, and generous.

– HE, United States (Horary & Relationship Consultations)

Thanks @RyanCaradog for the awesome natal chart reading i just got!! So informative and easy to understand, everything was so well explained and it was just a really great dialogue!! Definitely the kind of advice and honest reading i needed to start off my saturn return.

– KE, Canada (Natal Consultation)

Simply put, He understands what he is doing and interpreters the natal chart well. As he knew things about my past and present that only someone who asked about these specific things could have known. He is an awesome person who will not judge you for things that you have done in your past or present, so be open and truthful as he can see the truth anyways and being truthful will only help with the reading he provides. He is definitely compassionate of any bad situation you are in and is willing to do what he can to provide assistance to help your situation.

– JB, United States (Horary & Predictive Consultations)

I worked with Mr. Caradog on a Horary reading to find answers to several questions that I sought insight on. He was so polite and detail oriented! He helped me zero in on the nitty-gritty of what questions I was looking for and gave me goose bumps when he delivered my reading. My husband read the results after me, and he was shocked (in a good way- he can be a bit of a skeptic at times- but he immediately asked if Nate would do a reading for him!). Nate hit the head on the nail on so many aspects! It was incredible to see my question come to fruition with Nate’s Horary reading. This will help me move towards resolution on my areas of interest. Nate is extremely intuitive and was a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with Nate again and to see his progress and growth with his astrology practices.

– CR, United States (Horary Consultation)

@RyanCaradog chose an election for me a couple weeks ago that has been generating some really good results, services recommended! ✔

– GH, United States (Electional Consultation)