What is Spiritual Direction?

Contrary to the word “direction” in the name, the practice of spiritual direction is nothing more than the art of companioning with people as they listen to their soul and cultivate that what it means to be human. Every religious tradition on our planet has a form of “spiritual direction,” and it can be practiced regardless of spiritual affiliation.

As your “soul friend,” I will facilitate conversations with you that are meant to assist you in asking yourself searching questions about the sources of your sorrows and your joys. As you talk through them, I will listen compassionately and non-judgmentally. I may encourage you with gentle suggestions to explore deeper those parts of your soul that appear to need caring nurture. I will never tell you to do anything and your following my suggestions is not required.

Spiritual direction is not only helpful for deepening your own spiritual life and connectedness to the Divine, it is also helpful for discerning matters of vocation and call, especially when combined with such wisdom traditions as astrology and the Enneagram (which I also actively practice).

Because of the intimately spiritual nature of this work, spiritual direction requires time to do what it needs to do, and it also requires buy-in from you, the client, in order for it to be effective.

Because it is an extension of my own spiritual practice and vocation, I offer spiritual direction on a suggested donation basis of $75 for an hour; this is on a pay-as-you-are-willing-or-able basis. Any of my spiritual direction clients are entitled to discounted fees for my astrological services as well.

To set up an appointment for spiritual direction, please book through my contact page here and provide a little bit of background about your spiritual life and what presenting challenges you would like to discern with me.