Daily Horoscopes — 28 July 2018

The Moon, still reeling from her trip into the Earth’s shadow yesterday to fight the dragon, reaches out to a piercing Jupiter for a hand but is met with a reality check. Just as wound dressings must be peeled off and changed for the skin to knit, sometimes the path to healing requires a little more suffering.


In the fallout from yesterday’s tough decision, you continue to be richly imbued with an uncharacteristic generosity towards those who have need of you. The discomfort from this out-of-the-norm position may lead you to realize that you are at your best when your holy drive is placed in the service of others, even if doing so causes you to lose touch with your own concept of yourself so that the real you can shine forth brilliantly.


What did you let go of as you were allowing old ties to pass away yesterday? Someone in your everyday world reaches out for assistance, having had a hard time with their own experience of yesterday’s difficulties, and your own idea of where you’re headed misaligns with what they need from you in this moment. It may very well be that you have chosen to let go of this particular tie, but they didn’t get the memo.


An aftershock from yesterday’s blowout rattles you when the resources you’ve been sending far afield creates tension with your partner and your profession, thrusting you into a situation where you need to acknowledge that the path of integration in either circumstance will require a bit more discipline than you initially bargained for. Be careful not to let the vastness of the task undo you.


Your interior dialogue becomes an endless wash of insecurity when an unexpected contact from a faraway fling drives you to reconsider all the ways in which your view of the horizon has been steady and staid for the last year. Is this a call to break out of the ol’ Cancer shell? Maybe, but consider the cost and the return-on-investment before you text them back.


Yesterday was not an easy day for you, and today will present an opportunity for you to assess and evaluate how the tension you have been experiencing in your relational life has either been tilling the soil to make ready for new life or has simply been keeping you boxed in to a pattern of anxiety that has robbed you of a sense of joy. Has joy truly perished, or is it hiding like a grain hid in dark earth, and waiting to arise green again?


Did you cross the road for someone yesterday? If not, such an opportunity presents itself again in the tension charging the air when a friend crosses contentious paths with a relative or collaborator. This may be the opportunity you were looking for to move forward by moving back, turning yourself toward service once again, as both parties will have need of you.


“You gotta spend money to make money” seems to be the message in the air as you regroup from yesterday’s tough reality check. Part of the challenge is that your perception of the amount you have at your disposal has been over-inflated while in reality your access to resources has been circling the drain. Today’s tension reminds you to be realistic about what’s achievable with what you already have.


Despite the swell of abundance that seems to have been making its way to you for the last few months, a sudden poignancy catches up with you when you when a conversation with someone from your past draws your attention to the way in which having “a lot” can sometimes be having “too much.” Though you don’t need to worry about it right this moment, be prepared to ask the question: “how much is just enough?”


The day brings word of a debt that you owe, whether financial or relational, and such word reminds you of the ways in which you have felt boxed in over the last several months. It remains up to you, however, to determine whether your present sufferings are the throes of imprisonment or the disciplines of an asceticism that will allow you to soar to even greater heights in a few months’ time.


Your partner is roundly in your corner today as the fallout from yesterday’s imbroglio continues to settle to the earth, but today, the tensions emerge between your partner and your own shortcomings as you find yourself pressing to maintain the sanctity of your oh-so-comfortable bubble that you’ve constructed for yourself. What happens when breaking free feels like being enslaved?


A sudden ache or illness demands that you pay attention to the way your current financial situation and plans for your future are not setting you up to lead a life that is in accordance with your ideals. What lesson does this physical pain have to teach you about your priorities and how you will go about setting them? As you work through the tension, strive to hear the voice that speaks a better word of vision.


What did you learn yesterday in the quiet moments of listening to your body? Today the lesson continues as you are invited to retire to a far off place of enjoyment and rest as you reorient yourself to your understanding of what it is you are supposed to be doing in this one wild and precious life. The wisdom of the body will prove to be rich grist for the mill of the soul.

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Featured image by Elijah O’Donell on Unsplash

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