Become Who You Were Meant to Be

I’m Nate.

You’re here to reveal something of the infinite as only you can, and I’m here to help.

I’m a contemplative coach. I help people navigate the currents of time with whole-hearted presence by consciously working with the cosmos within and without.

My goal is to empower you to deepen your spiritual practice, open your heart, and meet life with clarity and confidence through jyotiṣa (vedic astrology), pranayama, and  embodied contemplative spirituality.

When we’re consciously working with the cosmos within and without, a life of soulfulness, meaning, depth, fulfillment, and compassion is ours for the asking.

I thoroughly enjoyed my natal consultation with Nate. He quickly and intuitively synthesized multiple complicated dynamics in my chart. The reading was friendly and conversational. I loved the give and take that helped make the material feel accessible and real. I was able to share my questions and priorities and he responded with useful insight into both astrology and life. He had a particularly good take on vocation and mission, and I can imagine his vocational calibrations are great. Setting up the appointment, payment, and video session, as well as accessing the recording of the session, was very easy, and Nate provided just the right amount of communication throughout. I look forward to working with Nate again!

SC, United States (Natal Consultation)

Nate’s approach to the vocational reading was awesome. The session was super informative and helpful. Nate is easy to talk to, which is important because it’s hard for me to talk about my work and career at this point. He helped me open up my mind and start to look my whole chart as a way of determining what direction I might want to take my career. I look forward to future sessions!

SR, United States (Vocation Calibration)