Daily Horoscopes — 26 July 2018

The Moon unites Venus and Pluto like gasoline on the fire of whatever matters Venus rules in your chart, all of which seems to be coming to the fore quite by accident. This will come to bear when the Venus—Pluto trine perfects on the following day, but anything constructive may be overshadowed by the potency of tomorrow’s lunar eclipse atop Mars, whose fiery radiance makes him appear as One Thicc Bih™ in the eastern sky after sunset.


The weight of a prominent personage from your past lends additional gravity to the tangle you’ve found yourself in as your resources and partnerships have become more a burden than a joy in recent days. Be wary of the cracks in the crust that such a tide generates, as those tides might generate new life for which you’re not quite ready yet.


Someone close who has gone far afield reaches out today to bring you up to speed on the way that their horizons have been broadening in dynamic fashion, inviting you to join in their widened field as well. Perhaps there is some joy to be found in allowing yourself to be jostled out of the everyday; at the very least, your own heart might be expanded by rejoicing with those who rejoice.


Today reminds you that one of the most priceless jewels in your coffers is the debt you owe to those who have loomed tall in your past, offering pointed and beautiful insights into the path toward joy. Perhaps you fear losing them, but will they not live on in your faithfulness to the abundant life to which you’ve been given the keys?


Your caring and careful attention to a collaboration which emerges from your workaday world engenders an unusually powerful dynamism that presents untold opportunities to lay groundwork for the future to which you are both headed. Consider: is this partnership simply the fruit of circumstance, or is there some deeper purpose that has brought you two together for such a time as this?


The duty to attend compassionately to others can be either the bars of a prison or the interior castle in which you may unearth the treasure store that is your true nature. Today presents you with ample opportunity to step outside yourself: a hidden enemy becomes the powerful object of your compassion, and by embracing them you have every opportunity to enrich and to elevate the both of you.


Today’s festivities with friends ignite a hot-burning fire of joy that serves to burn off some of the dross that’s been keeping your head down. Don’t neglect to enjoy this life despite its many and manifold imperfections, for joy is the sharpest tool in your shed when it comes to making manifest the wild specificity of your peculiar vision of life.


A powerful figure brings home an important message that brings insight into the fears about yourself and your own inadequacy that you have let linger in on your mind’s back-burner for too long. Don’t forget to stir this peculiar sauce, lest it burn and stick to the pan. Does continuing to fear your own powerlessness in the face of your challenges lend any strength to your cause?


A trip back to your old neighborhood might become fraught with anxiety as you come to grips with the way that you have grown and changed as a result of moving away, while old friends and old enemies seem to remain the same. This is a myth, of course; no living organism remains unchanged by the realities of time, and such perspective is the seedbed of compassion itself.


A prominent friend returns a favor that they have owed you for some time now, although they seem to be chagrined by the very thought of it. Endeavor to be as gracious a recipient of their repayment as you were a gracious recipient of their credit in times past, for a friendship that sings is one that lightens burdens by sharing the load.


Try as you might you cannot contain your partner, and the decision of your partner to follow their bliss may enkindle some of your deepest fears today. And yet, isn’t the joy of partnership to be enriched and lifted up by the other’s joy? The healthiest relationships are containers that grow, stretch, and adjust as either party grows, stretches, and adjusts—and sometimes plants need to be repotted.


You are boxed in by the fear of isolation today—a fear which, in your estimation, has emerged from your upbringing and which your searching for new avenues of growth has not yet begun to abate. You may even fear the loss of your parents, or the loss of your sense of home in this world. But fear of such things does not mean that they will actually happen; indeed, today calls you to hold such treasures with an open palm.


Avoid placing all of your hopes for the future in a singular passion project, because to do so might diminish the role the people around you and the people closest to you will play in making that desire come to fruition. As it happens, it was those very people who created the nurturing environment in which you were able to generate such desires in the first place.

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Featured image by Ian Parker on Unsplash

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