Daily Horoscopes — 24 July 2018

Peacemaking Venus in Virgo faces off against numbing Neptune in Pisces, and the odds are stacked in Neptune’s favor, meaning we all might end up a little more jaded than we bargained for today. Meanwhile, a waxing Capricorn Moon does her level best to create a nurturing container to add some structure to whatever earthy chaos Uranus is fomenting.


A distant relative becomes an unexpected hero as they offer advice for a situation that’s erupted with a neighbor’s kids—and most likely, it has something to do with “make sure you’re picking fights that are yours to pick.” Meanwhile, you’ve been doing without and tightening the belt, but pay attention to the way the work you’re called to do in this world puts a fence for the chaos to roam around in safely.


A neighbor or sibling comes to collect today, but fortunately, you’ve been planning for it all along. Don’t neglect to pay them precisely what you owe, even if you don’t especially like them, because you’ll receive a blessed infusion of structuring energy later on today that reins in the chaos. Right now, you can take all the grounded relief you can get.


Your wallet is in your partner’s pocket today, but they are utilizing the bounty that you have generated in order to construct a fantastic container around the life that you have built with them, beautifying and ordering it in ways that it may take you some time to appreciate. Accept the way that their optimistic presence succors the chaos of your inner hurricane.


Today you may need to reach out to ask a neighbor or sibling for help, but they help only begrudgingly and with plenty of invective about you having gotten yourself into this situation in the first place. Consider instead the way that you can help them first and be ready to lean on shared goals as a means of inviting them to see eye to eye with you.


If you thought your temptation to indulge in a little bit of prodigality was bad yesterday, today it gets even worse as ample opportunities to bankroll your public image present themselves. Why not instead adorn yourself with the gift of the company you keep, which is available to you more than you can imagine, who are better ornaments than anything you can impulse buy on Amazon?


Tough love from a friend hits home today, and every good intention you’ve had to get your house in order seems to be called into question.
This prompts you to reconsider the ways in which you have been complacent with things as they are—and your insistence on changing them. But their words are not so much about your true self as about the way they perceive you, and the wisdom here is to know the difference.


Your words today toward a trusted soul-friend are full of bombast and boldness. Don’t be alarmed when such dynamism puts them off, but instead, listen to how their response is calling you to be a more compassionate communicator during this season of disillusionment. Whatever sediment is stirred up will fertilize their growth as much as yours.


Listen carefully to whatever it is that a relative has to say about your proclivity towards dynamic partnerships, because their wizened perspective might contribute an important element to assist you in handling the vagrant energies that are even now shaking up your very concept of what a “partnership” is to begin with—and to which you’ve been oblivious.


The wild new underlings who have found their way to your care have big dreams and a big impact on your career. Pay attention to the way that your superiors and collaborators offer feedback on your own leadership style, because applying their insight will prove to give those who work for you the structure they need in order to minimize damage and maximize growth.


As good as you are as building containers for the unpredictable wildernesses of life to grow and flourish in, you’ll need a little extra help to make it happen this time around—and fortunately, you have it, as a friendly collaborator joins forces with you to put stakes in the garden for your vines to grow upward instead of everywhere.


Today you’re reminded that laughter truly is the best medicine for some ailments as you reach out for help bearing a load that may not have been yours to bear in the first place. Whatever the case, allow this sudden moment of joy to salve the pain of disillusionment as you continue in this present season of having old beliefs, values, and burdens dissolved.


Whatever new work is coming to being meets with more than a little constructive criticism as you present it to a collaborator, whose present concern for presentation shunts the expansiveness of the vision driving the project at hand. As much as you might like to excuse yourself and needlessly apologize for what you’ve done, you’ll find the unexpected strength to say precisely what needs to be said in order to defend your work.

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Featured image by Jason Rosewell

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