Daily Horoscopes — 25 July 2018

Late in the night, the Moon sought a helping hand from staid and steady Saturn in Capricorn, who was inclined to hear her out. Meanwhile, the Sun looks back at Uranus to shine some harsh light and harsher perspective on the effects of Uranus’ ingress into Taurus, asking us all to survey the the initial damage generated by a new adaptive crisis.


Your foundation and your destination come together today to surrender to you a holy boon that illuminates the debt of growth you owe to those who have come before you—”it’s dangerous to go alone; take this!” What could be a better way to repay those who have shaped your life and livelihood than to make manifest the deep magic of a creative tension that has become a rich vein in these recent weeks?


You find yourself craving a little of that “old time religion” today, but that is not to undo the journey of deconstruction and reconstruction that has seen hopes and thought forms die and be reborn. Sometimes a little folk religion will keep you honest about the way that your ability to evolve spiritually was forged in the very environment out of which you burst.


No, nobody really likes paying bills, but should you choose to go fight the beast of negotiating with creditors today, you’ll meet with more of a listening ear than you anticipated. Attending to such responsibilities brings a certain joy of its own that might be foreign to you because it lives far below the surface and is only freed at a cost that proves to be worthwhile.


Reconciliation is a curious thing; it is the very ground where exclusion yields to embrace, and death gives way to life. Today’s unfolding tale draws you into the uncomfortable embrace of an anti-hero, where tension emits sparks of grace and ease that you hadn’t expected as you find in a new friend in the person of an old enemy. Welcome it and guard it dearly.


Today tests your commitment to the wild ideas that have been rocket fuel propelling your career in recent weeks (and that propulsion isn’t necessarily upward). What’s working and what’s not? And how does your commitment to upward growth serve to root you more solidly in the life that you are constructing as a creative matrix for yourself in which to grow and flourish?


The sacrament of the ordinary lies hidden in plain sight and today’s tale tests your ability to perceive it, as despite your very best efforts the worlds within worlds hiding among the details remain lost to you. A friend comes to your aid with to shake the scales from your eyes which have been preventing you from seeing the divine joy of small and precious things.


Work must yield to home today as a tension emerges that illuminates your responsibility to the ties that bind. Yet not all need be burdensome, for in attending to the needs of the microcosm in orbit around you, you’ll find a great treasure that lies in the deep mystery of the local community in which you live and move and have your being.


Keep watch for the dust storm that kicks up when a prominent superior is challenged by an adaptive crisis that emerges from your most recent collaborative undertaking. A little bit of office drama goes a long way, and the ensuing fallout presents you with an opportunity to succor the wounds even of your very enemies, for their debt to you triggers a sudden spray of magnanimity.


Your big-heartedness comes to the fore once again today as you grant the request of someone who comes to you for aid. Teaching someone to fish may be important in the end game, but one can’t fish if they’re too enfeebled to cast the net in the first place, and not everyone has bootstraps with which to pull themselves up. Give ear to the ascetic wisdom that this exchange brings forward.


A partner in life or work makes an humble demand of you which you feel uncommonly happy to countenance, for their words will be precisely tuned to your refined and subtle tastes in the sounds of supplication. Granting this request might give you deeper insight into how much of a sucker you are for suck-ups, and this uncomfortable realization may help turn a handicap into a superpower.


What is it about martyrdom that is so attractive—does it make for a better story? Does diminishing yourself to build up others truly enrich your life together? Falling on your own sword is hardly necessary to prove your dedication to those around you since your commitment to working for the common good is already visible. A piercing and prominent friend who has been in your corner the whole time points this out to you all too readily.


Joy is as real as sorrow is, and today, a staid companion turns out to be a benefactor who assists you in bringing to bear a moment of joy amid otherwise unsettling circumstances which would easily slip past in a dissociative fog. You resist being brought down to earth, but today, being grounded is the very thing that frees you from the confinement of your own desire to melt into the universe.

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Featured image by Rikki Chan.

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