The Widow and the Judge

What is it about Venus transits that freaks people out so much?

This week, on the 19th, we have a transit that has generated a modicum of consternation among those I’ve asked, and even beyond Mars’ entrance into Taurus and the Sun’s entrance into Pisces, this one is what’s occupying many people’s attention.

We’ve got Venus encountering Saturn on the Old Man’s own turf. It’s interesting considering that most of the transits that begin this week, except for Mars’ entrance into Taurus, are events that happen once a year.

My hunch is that collective attention fell on Venus because, especially around Valentine’s Day, relationships are one of the most significant pinch points in our common life.

Whether we are aromantic or polyamorous or celibate or just ain’t got time for that, we are still social creatures, and so Saturn’s looming contact with our social starlet is not something that we want to countenance.

We love beauty, fun, and love. Don’t harsh our mellow, Saturn.

But is Venus in Capricorn that mellow to begin with? I want to assure everyone reading this that, first off, Venus’ conjunction to Saturn is not anything before which to cower. You’re going to be fine. We’re all going to be fine. “But it’s Venus!” Yeah? “Conjoining Saturn!!” Yeah, so what? “AAAGH”

Get the image of Venus’ contact to Saturn in your head. Let whatever dread you have about it fill you. Now, think about this parable, from Luke’s gospel, chapter 18:

Jesus said, ‘In a certain city there was a judge who neither feared God nor had respect for people.’ (Saturn in Capricorn much?) ‘In that city there was a widow who kept coming to him and saying, “Grant me justice against my opponent.” For a while he refused; but later he said to himself, “Though I have no fear of God and no respect for anyone, yet because this widow keeps bothering me, I will grant her justice, so that she may not wear me out by continually coming.”’

The reason that the Venus transit to Saturn this time around is not anything to be overly concerned about is because of something called “reception.” When a faster planet applies to the aspect or conjunction of a slower planet from that other planet’s home turf, the slower planet is obligated by celestial ethics to give the faster planet a hearing.

The slower planet may not be predisposed to being helpful, but the faster planet is coming to the slower planet in a style that agrees with the slower planet’s personality. So, hear the story anew. Venus in Capricorn, boss-ass lady that she is, is coming to Saturn demanding justice.

Saturn’s no philanthropist, we all know that. He’s the unjust judge; his M.O. is maintaining his own status quo and not bothering with the petty concerns of the unwashed masses. But Venus demands a hearing. She fights for it. She marches her ass into the courtroom day after day until she can wheedle a judgment out of this crap judge.

Venus at 16° Capricorn has the powers of triplicity and term. She’s among friends. She sets her own agenda for how she’s getting Saturn stuff done. She has zero time for Saturn’s nonsense—even though she knows that Saturn is the one who can get her the solution that she needs.

Venus needs Saturn to help her say no to something here. Think back to the parable: the widow needs justice against her opponent. In the ancient world, widows had no safety nets unless they had kids to take care of them. This is a woman who is not satisfied with her situation and is trying to do something about it.

Think of the healthy Capricorns that you know in your life, especially the Capricorn women. Do you know them as people who just sit there and let life happen to them? Not in the least, right?

Think of Dolly Parton, a Capricorn woman. That’s Venus in Capricorn.

Do you think Dolly Parton is going to let Saturn boss her around? Not at all. She came to prominence amid the patriarchal nonsense of the music industry and did so by playing the game in her favor. She made the resources of the gatekeepers her own. She did it on her own terms.

So as Venus conjoins Capricorn this week, keep an eye out for the way beautiful opportunities help you to game the system. Pay special attention if you’re in a Venus- or Saturn-ruled year (you’ve got to know your rising sign for that—count forward one sign for every year of age to tell you the ruler of your year).


If you need to ask an old friend to pay you back the money they owe you or approach your crummy boss for a raise at work, this is the week to do it. Get your money.


Put yourself in the sights of an older mentor who can connect you with professional opportunities—and ask them to do it!


If you need funding for a creative endeavor, figure out who it is that you need to ask and get in their face, but be careful that your approach doesn’t burn any bridges.


A friend or family member will probably be asking your loved one for help with a home matter, so be attentive to the needs of loved ones and stand at the ready to help with whatever is asked.


Your boss is looking for some help from your coworkers but resist the urge to put yourself in the limelight because you might discover that what’s needed is grunt work, nothing that heightens your image.


Don’t be afraid to spend a little bit of money on something fun for yourself this week; the return on investment will be worth it. But stay under budget.


If you need to approach your folks for financial help, feel free to do so this week. They’re not going to like it but plead your case well and you’ll have what you need.


Keep an eye on anyone who has it in for you for they may be working to create tripping hazards. Cross your T’s, dot your I’s, stay in your lane and you’ll be good to go.


Looks like a friend will be coming to you to ask for a help. Define the terms of what you can do and set clear expectations; don’t just trust that they’ll honor their end of the agreement. Don’t let your good nature get taken advantage of.


Higher-ups will ask you for a favor, even if you’re not interested in what they’ve got to offer in return. Negotiate; you’ve got the upper hand here.


Less practical, more theoretical for you (which shouldn’t be a problem): meeting the needs of family and philosophy can help you maintain a sense of purpose during this long season of feeling apart from yourself.


Ride the wave this week to get your day-to-day tasks done with support from old friends while you’re in the middle of a confusing fog. Get it done!

Thank you so much for your support of my work! If this was helpful to you, book a session with me today! I’ve got an audacious goal of ten consultations a week because that’s ten people who are getting insight into becoming who they’re supposed to be.

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