Howdy, folks! I’m digging in for some serious work over the next few months as my progressed ascendant and midheaven change signs to Aries and Capricorn, respectively. Yikes!

So, I wanted to set some intentions for what this space will become over the next several months as I expand my astrological practice and what I am planning to accomplish. This website isn’t just a client portal; I’ll also be writing content in the form of short essays on astrological themes and monthly (or even weekly!) horoscopes for each of the Sun/rising signs.

My goal is to have these written and posted for every Monday, beginning next week (October 23rd.)

Right now, I am running an “open beta” promotion in order to continue to bolster my client base. For a suggested donation of $45 I am offering a 45-minute natal consultation that will review whichever areas you specify. This includes a recording and PDF copies of the charts consulted.

This is so I can develop some additional helps in preparing for consultations so that I can focus my preparatory work; that is, if you want to know about your finances I won’t spend a lot of time studying your chart for your love life!

But, I need to know the right questions to ask so that you feel like you are getting a helpful, targeted reading.

One thing I’m excited about is a forthcoming mini-e-book I’ve been writing on calculating charts the hard way! If you want to learn how to calculate a birth chart the old-fashioned way, it’s not too terribly difficult—this guide’ll give you a nice little step-by-step crash course on basic astrology math.

know Solar Fire and are things and I sure as h*ck don’t write all my own charts out by hand, but I think it’s important that we know how to do this. This resource will be free for folks to download once completed.

Lastly, I am getting ready to begin the School of Traditional Astrology’s online Horary Practitioners’ Course, taught by Wade Caves. Of all the branches of astrology I think horary to be the most enjoyable and most user-friendly; we’re not talking about the entire destiny of a human life with a horary reading, but rather a specific question. I’ve had some great experiences reading horary charts and would love to take a crack at answering any of your pressing horary questions!

The open beta price for horary consultations is a $30 suggested donation; send me an email and we’ll get you set up!

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