Wherever you’re at on your journey to jailbreak your stars, whatever questions you have, we can approach them with astrology. You can book services through my booking portal.

Fees for all offerings cover my preparation time and the time we spend together, as well as administrative time. All my work is done over Zoom video conferencing or in person in Lexington, except horary questions, which are generally completed over email.

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Astrological Consultations

Horary Consultation: This is the divinatory branch of astrology, and it’s my personal specialty! If you have a question that is personal, pressing, and deeply rooted, a horary consultation can pull the veil off of the situation in order to give you insight into the past, a deeper understanding of what’s happening in the present moment, and help you make ready for what’s coming down the pike. Here are some examples of questions you might ask:

  • Will I be hired at this position? Are they considering an internal candidate? Am I a good fit for this job?
  • Is there a future to this relationship? Will we be able to reconcile?
  • Is this property a worthwhile investment of time and money? Will I be happy if I move here?
  • Is this contract a good business decision?
  • Where is my missing friend? Where is my pet? Where are my keys?
  • What is my general future for this year? Can I expect challenges or ease?
  • Will I be able to get pregnant this year?

If you’re encountering a specific situation or problem, I would recommend horary versus a natal chart reading. While horary has a predictive element, it’s best when you approach it with a posture of being ready to receive whatever guidance the Cosmos has to offer, and it’s best used when there’s a need for resolution. You also don’t need to worry about shoe-horning your situation into the perfect question; what matters is your intention to seek guidance.

Horary consultations cost $75 USD. I generally complete them with you over email but you may also consult with me over the phone or video conference as a follow-up. While I don’t need your birth details to provide an answer, they can provide an additional layer of context that can further illumine your situation. Ask your question through my booking portal or by using my contact form.

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Vocation Calibration: This targeted and results-oriented one-hour reading takes you through the promise that your chart holds for your career and what you are meant to accomplish in your life. You’ll leave this session with a plan of action for making your next professional decisions, and you’ll have a better understanding of what you’re meant to do with this trip through reality. Horary analysis may be included as part of this session at no extra charge, depending on the nature of your current situation.

Vocation Calibrations are 60 minutes and cost $135 USD.

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Full Natal Consultation: This is the most popular branch of astrology, namely, the classic “read your birth chart” session. We’ll talk about your temperament and how best to work with the unique package of gifts that you’ve been given in this lifetime in order to work with, rather than against, the natural course of your life story. I’ll also give you guidance about your upcoming year in order to prepare to meet the challenges you’ll face with poise and grace. For a natal consultation, I must have your exact birth time, date, and location.

Full Natal consultations are 90 minutes and cost $185 USD.

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Annual Update Consultation: In this consultation, I employ a handful of traditional predictive techniques to provide you with the “lay of the land” for the next twelve months, giving you the opportunity to take advantage of everything that’s coming your way (and to gear up for whatever challenges lie ahead, too). This is best if you already know your natal chart fairly well or have met with me before, but that’s not a requirement. I do, however, require your exact birth time, date, and location for this.

Annual Updates are 60 minutes and cost $135.

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Quickie Consultation: This is a 20-minute, mini-natal consultation for individuals who would like guidance but cannot afford a full-on natal consultation. We will look at your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, and utilize that information to give you a starting place for your next step.

This service is reserved for people who have not yet reached their first Saturn return or who make under $35,000 annually, based on the honor system (you don’t need to prove your income). This may be booked only once per client and costs $30 USD. I will apply the cost of this consultation to a discount on a full natal or annual update consultation, if you wish.

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Electional Consultation: This kind of astrology is like horary in reverse: I help you pick an auspicious time to start an endeavor by scrolling forward in time to find a helpful alignment of planets. Elections can be used for founding businesses, getting married, signing important paperwork, taking a trip, or even starting a party; the sky’s the limit (though I do have some things I won’t elect for ethical reasons).

I don’t need your birth information for this per se, but it’s strongly advised that you submit that as well. Elections cost $75 USD and much of the work is done ahead of time; once the elections have been completed I will give you a short, brief consultation to go over the possible dates for your new undertaking with you. Please submit a request for an election via my contact form and we’ll go from there.

Private Tutoring

Learning astrology and want a second set of eyes to help you make sense of a chart? Need a deep dive on houses, signs, planets, aspects, timing techniques, horary, or whatever else you’re up against? This is for you, and the time is yours to look at whatever you want to discuss. Please let me know what your specific need is when you book so I can come prepared (and to make sure I can actually help you)! Tutoring is $75 per hour, or you may pre-pay five one-hour sessions for the cost of four ($300; email me if you want to do that.)

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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is the art of walking alongside someone in their spiritual journey, exploring the desires of the heart and what causes us sorrow and joy in life. The goal of spiritual direction is the care of the soul, to use Thomas Moore’s phrase, that is, cultivation of that which makes us human.

This has ends similar to astrology, yet doesn’t rely on astrological techniques. Instead, we build upon your own experience of the Divine as a point of departure. I charge $75 per hour for spiritual direction, on a sliding scale. Learn more here.