What the heck is a horary consultation?

Horary astrology is my bread and butter. This is a branch of astrology that deals with answering specific questions posed to an astrologer, based on the assumption that the act of communicating a question to someone else makes something real about it.

This is the divinatory branch of astrology, and it’s my specialty! If you have a question that is personal, pressing, and deeply rooted, a horary consultation can pull the veil off of the situation in order to give you insight into the past, a deeper understanding of what’s happening in the present moment, and help you make ready for what’s coming down the pike.

Horary astrology can answer “where,” “how,” “when,” and even “why,” and these details emerge most richly from a focused, deliberate, specific question.

Here are some examples of questions you might ask:

  • Will I be hired at this position? Are they considering an internal candidate? Am I a good fit for this job?
  • Is there a future to this relationship? Will we be able to reconcile?
  • Is this property a worthwhile investment of time and money? Will I be happy if I move here?
  • Is this contract a good business decision?
  • Where is my missing friend? Where is my pet? Where are my keys?
  • What is my general future for this year? Can I expect challenges or ease?
  • Will I be able to get pregnant this year?

If you’re encountering a specific situation or problem, I would recommend horary versus a natal chart reading. While horary has a predictive element, it’s best when you approach it with a posture of being ready to receive whatever guidance the Cosmos has to offer, and it’s best used when there’s a need for resolution. You also don’t need to worry about shoe-horning your situation into the perfect question; what matters is your intention to seek guidance.

I also use horary in the context of natal consultations, if need arises.

Horary consultations cost $88 USD. I answer horary questions for you over email but you may also consult with me over the phone or video conference as a follow-up. While I don’t need your birth details to provide an answer, they can provide an additional layer of context that can further illumine your situation. Ask your question by using my contact form.