Horary Consultations

What the heck is a horary consultation?

Horary astrology is my bread and butter. This is a branch of astrology that deals with answering specific questions posed to an astrologer, based on the assumption that the act of communicating a question to someone else makes something real about it: the question is “born” once it is spoken and understood and that connection is made between asker and hearer; we can then look at the “birth chart” for the question and find the answer.

Horary astrology can answer “where,” “how,” “when,” and even “why,” and these details emerge most richly from a focused, deliberate, specific question.

How do I request a horary consultation?

If you have a situation that is personal and pressing for which you would like guidance via horary astrology, here’s what I need from you:

  • The question, stated as plainly as possible in an email with as much context as you can provide. If you’re not sure how to ask what you want to know, email me anyway and I’ll help you out with identifying the question of the matter.
  • You can ask should questions; they don’t have to be yes or no. Horary provides layer upon layer of insight.
  • The matter should be personal and pressing: you it’s important to you and it directly impacts you.
  • The question should not be one for which you have already sought other opinions.
  • You won’t get an accurate answer if you have already asked another astrologer or if you have engaged in any other kind of divinatory practice around the question (tarot, Sortes Virgilianae, tea leaves, Urim & Thummim, hollerin’ in tongues, whatever—only ask once!)
  • Be sure it’s a question whose answer you can live with!

To ask a horary question, simply submit it to me via my contact form with your birth data.

I will review your question for suitability upon receipt and, after clarifying with you as needed, determine whether or not it is able to be answered with horary and whether I can consent to the question. If it isn’t something that’s answerable or if it’s a question I can’t consent to answer, I will let you know. If it is, I will request payment and I will begin working on the answer.

Horary answers cost $60, payable through PayPal. I provide a printed (PDF) report with the chart of moment for the question and an explanation as to why I provided the answer I did, and I try to return these within 12- to 24- hours of the question. I am also available to provide horary consultations over video conferencing.

Ask a question any time here!