It’s one thing to follow an astrologer on social media, occasionally giving a like when something resonates, and quite another to take the plunge and book a reading. Nate’s offering of vocational insight was just the push I needed. Reader, I was impressed. Not only did Nate focus in on the issues I brought up and give insight based on my chart, but he also helped unearth the questions I hadn’t realized needed to be asked. And he didn’t stop there. He offered activities and book lists and “homework” so I could continue processing in a way that would bring results (none of this “here’s your sign now off you go”). So if you’re looking for someone who will work with you and offer solid steps, book a vocational reading with Nate. Discover what in your life sparks joy in work. Thank you, Nate!

SP, United States (Vocation Calibration)