I’m a Latinist who has lived with the language day-in and day-out ever since I started Latin I as a junior in high school. I completed [most of] a minor in Latin in college. I use Latin regularly in my private spiritual practices, in research, in niche internet gags, and in my work as a professional astrologer. I know all the stuff in Wheelock, which is all well and good, but I want to take you on this journey with me.


This class will begin at absolute zero. No experience with Latin is required, or with any other foreign language, for that matter.

I will teach this class utilizing a combination of secondary language acquisition (SLA) strategies and more traditional “under the hood” grammatical instruction.

The first part of each class session will be taught entirely in Latin to develop mental recognition of the language and to capitalize on the power of comprehensible input (or CI, that is, “spoken Latin that you can understand even if you don’t really know what each individual word means).

After a break, we will unpack, in English, what was covered during the first part of the class, so that you can see how the mechanics of the language work.

While I know the mechanics of Latin, I want to know Latin, and I want you to know it too. To wit, this teaching methodology is experimental for me, too, and we will be learning to speak Latin together. I will not expect you to do the work while I hide behind a conjugation table.

We will move fast and have a blast. It will require work on all our parts, but we are in this together. I will be your biggest cheerleader.


By participating, you will:

  • Develop the command of Latin expected of the first year of college Latin (and then some, since you’ll be speaking it, too).
  • Be prepared to approach, with some assistance, the reading of adapted texts from antiquity through the Renaissance.
  • Be prepared for LATIN FOR OCCVLTISTS, SECUNDA PARS, which will take you through the Latin learned during the second year of college Latin, preparing you to read un-adapted texts.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the role of Latin in the formation of broader Western civilization as well as its importance in the formation of Western occult corpora.
  • This class does not offer any accredited university credits; however, you will likely be able to test out of at least one, if not two, semesters of Latin afterward.

COST: $888, payable in four quarterly installments of $222. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to register and hold your spot in the class. The deposit is subtracted from your first installment of $222. New students will be accepted to the current course through November 30, 2019.

Ready to join the adventure?

Read the full syllabus here. Then pay your deposit below.