Natal Chart Reading

What are you made of?

This is the most popular branch of astrology, namely, the classic “read your birth chart” session.

We’ll talk about your temperament and how best to work with the unique package of gifts that you’ve been given in this lifetime in order to work with, rather than against, the natural course of your life story.

I’ll also give you guidance about your upcoming year in order to prepare to meet the challenges you’ll face with poise and grace.

Natal astrology is predictive and can highlight opportunities and challenges that you will face.

However, how you respond to the situations that life throws at you is entirely within your power, though some decisions will come with more ease than others.

For a natal consultation, I must have your exact birth time, date, and location. If you don’t have these data, try horary.

Full Natal Chart consultations are 90 minutes, recorded, and confidential.  They cost $222 USD.

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