Electional Consultations

What’s an electional consultation? I’m not running for office.

Electional astrology isn’t about campaigning, though it can be used for starting campaigns! Electional astrology works something like horary, but in reverse: I take a look at the upcoming planetary alignments and I find the most auspicious time or times to begin something or launch an endeavor.

Electional charts can be used to do things like:

  • Plan when to ask someone out, propose, or actually get married
  • Plan when to start a new business venture
  • Plan when to depart for a trip
  • Plan surgeries
  • Plan business transactions
  • And any number of other things!

Picking elections can be fun and are almost like solving a logic puzzle.

How do I set up an electional consultation?

To find a good election for an endeavor, I need to understand what you’re trying to accomplish. Sometimes it’s as easy as asking, “when is a good time for us to have our wedding?” That makes my job easier. But sometimes it’s more complicated than that, as the sky has a lot of moving parts.

If you would like an election determined, please get in touch via my contact form with as much detail about your endeavor possible, as well as projected time frame. I also need your birth data. I’ll take a look at it and reply with any clarifying questions and tell you if I’ll be able to find a good time for you within your time frame.

Elections come with printed reports and cost $60. The turnaround time for elections is usually 3-5 days, unless you indicate that it’s a pressing issue in your email.

NOTE: I am resistant to electing birth times (e.g., helping an expectant mother schedule a cesarian or induction of labor) because of my own personal beliefs, but I am happy to refer you to another astrologer who will do this kind of work.