I’m pleased to announce my next upcoming workshop, Reading by Heart!

Join me on June 26th at 3:00PM EDT to learn a centuries-old contemplative technique to unlock the subtle and transformative magic of any text that speaks to your heart.

The centuries-old Western meditative technique of Lectio Divina, or divine reading, has enjoyed newfound popularity in recent decades among spiritual seekers of all faiths. Long hailed as a tool for opening one’s innermost depths to divine presence, lectio divina has untapped potential as a tool for astrological remediation and as a magical practice in its own right.

Only recently did I realize the impact that this methodology of contemplative reading has had on my ability to read astrological charts and bring them to life in that subtle world of inner experience where the currents of my own being intersect with the imaginal. It’s been the single most important thing in helping me to break through plateaus and barriers in my astrological practice, and I suspect this can help you get unstuck, too.

I’ve had this intuition for a while, and I even sketched out the idea for a model of contemplative reading as a tool for bringing the chart to life in the last chapter of my book (which you can buy here!)

But it’s taken until now for me to have the necessary roadmaps, both Western and Eastern, to describe the why and how of contemplative reading: why it works, how it works, and how it changes the way we perceive reality.

It’s also taken me this long to distill the necessary personal experience in working with the technique, both in my own reading of my traditions’ sacred texts and in reading the arcana of astrological charts and texts.

Not only will this help you as a reader of charts, it’ll also help you crack Valens or Manilius or Lilly or Parāśara or the Orphic Hymns or whatever other text you’re working with. Whether you have a teacher or not. Whether you’ve been at this for three months or three decades. Any sacred text can be opened more deeply with lectio divina, and my definition of “sacred text” is fairly broad at that.

When I talk about contemplative reading, I’m talking reading for depth, but not just that. I’m talking reading from a Wisdom perspective, with the thinking, feeling, and sensing centers of knowing. It’s not just having a deep cognitive understanding of the text; it’s about allowing the text to become part of your imaginal being, part of your causal body, from which it shapes how you see and show up in the world. It’s about fully digesting the text, with all the impressions and archetypes it carries.

I guarantee that if you work with your chosen text in this way on a regular basis, it will shift your reality. I’d love the privilege of sharing what I know with you and giving you a powerful tool to see reality, both physical and imaginal, more clearly and intimately.

This workshop will introduce newcomers to the method and mechanics of lectio divina with emphasis on the experiential dimension of the technique. We will also explore the ways it can be applied to practical magic and to remediating adverse combinations in the natal chart. Lectio divina as a technology can be used by any person with any text to bring it to life in new ways that can reshape one’s reality, regardless of faith tradition or spiritual practice.

Recordings and handouts will be available to all participants. A donation of $44 is suggested; a portion of the proceeds will be given to VOCES of Battle Creek, Michigan.

Register here!

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