The Moon continues her trip through supernal Pisces, where her journey through an electric fog brings her face to face with Venus in an open confrontation. Venus is especially inclined to hear what the Moon has to say as the Moon comes to her smelling of her favorite vacation spot.


A figure from the past whom you had once believed to have fallen by the wayside brings an arresting word from an unconsidered source that offers wizened council as regards your current fruitless striving to make your figures work, whether your financial projections or your relational projections. Said wisdom might get lost in translation, though.


An amicable neighbor with questionable boundaries makes a sudden appearance at your dinner table. They bring with them electric advice about how to throw down a wider spread and draw the focus away from your own pleasure so that you can draw other people into the feast—and, perhaps surprisingly, you take them at their word.


If your dues didn’t get paid yesterday due to having missed your signal, you’ll have another startling chance to do the same today—and perhaps the starkness of the bill might cause you to reconsider how deep your life’s foundations have been built. All the same, a deep delight lies hidden among the darkness into which it has fallen.


The day reminds you that the crucible of partnership is one of the most vital ways in which your self-concept and your view of the world around you have cracked open and grown exponentially in the recent season. Such reminder comes when you find yourself in a face to face confrontation with an old friend thinking aloud to yourself, “how would my parents handle this?”


It will be very easy for your internal anxiety to seep through the cracks in your effulgent exterior today when your awareness of all the ways you don’t measure up to your own expectations are brought to bear in a conflict with a superior about your paycheck. Get your money but don’t lose yourself in the process; the anxiety is an illusion.


A supple and subtle friend not-so-gently nudges you out of the seemingly endless spiral of self-reflection that you’ve been caught in for the past few weeks as you’ve been mindfully re-arranging your mental furniture to create a cognitive schema worthy to be featured on HGTV. Go with them when they bring with them an invitation to party.


If your vocation is not giving you the satisfaction it once did, how much of that is rooted in facts outside your control and how much is simply part and parcel of your self-concept right now? Consider the ways that you feel indebted to balance the other. Have you boxed yourself into a corner by attempting to seek peace with others at all costs?


A sumptuous banquet becomes the battleground on which your stupendous vision of the world will come up against the very ways that you unduly limit yourself when a conflict erupts with a friend or partner about this very thing. There is no need to believe what you are told simply because it’s in the neighborhood’s water supply.


Fear for a friend’s wellbeing after a wash of disconnection from them causes you to charge in with all the powers at your disposal to come to their aid. But do beware of helping overmuch in your eagerness to be of dutiful service to them; their friendship has never been predicated on what you can do for them, but rather the way you enrich them simply due to your presence.


Connections with your old stomping ground are in flux today as you push the envelope at a neighborhood barbecue. Not everyone wants to be told how problematic they are, even less so from their obnoxious neighbor. The transformation that you want to effect won’t be done with grandstanding and pontification; small conversations and quiet moments of joy are where the real transformations happen.


Hard work doesn’t seem to be ameliorating the ever-present diffuseness of your bank account, much to your chagrin, but at least a jolt of recognition catches you today and helps you to understand ways to structure your energies more efficiently. Perhaps considering the task ahead of you not as a mundane task but as a spiritual discipline might be the turn of understanding you need.


The joy that comes your way today, with intensive support from the joyful company you keep, can offer a resplendent suggestion to a neighbor with whom you’ve become close. Look for such an opportunity as the day wears on for in joining hands to share the riches a good Earth has to offer you will make your own joy complete.

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