Daily Horoscopes — 30 July 2018

The Moon makes collaborative contacts with a number of heavyweights today as though surveying the damage from the eclipse with an outside consultancy, her boss, and her priest. Each planet has a different suggestion as to the best ways forward for her, but the advice that really shines is that of Jupiter, who is inclined to hear whatever it is the Moon has to say and who steps in to aid her.


Don’t neglect to pay attention to the ancient currents that are running deep beneath the level of your conscious awareness, for those very currents prove today to be the matter that will usher forth unsettling, stark, and ultimately beneficial avenues for the expansion of your horizons. Do not be afraid of the dark, for it is in the dark and holy cloud of unknowing that the Divine has pitched its tent.


Folks usually come to you because of your staid and steady posture, but recent events have caused you to bend and flex in new and unexpected ways, drawing the attention of others who had written you off as rigid and inflexible. Those chaotic vapors waft off of you and attract a new collaborative partner from your workaday world. This nascent connection proves to be one that puts taproots deep down into both of your psyches.


The bills get paid today—and not just the lingering credit card statement that you’ve let slide to the bottom of your inbox, but rather, the dues that you owe in your career. Your hard work is not going unnoticed despite the emergent web of chaos that has kept you feeling boxed in over the past few months. The spotlight will never fall on you if you remain stuck in the wings.


As your attention is drawn to parts unknown, you meet with an unsettling and exciting upset among the company you keep that causes a bond to form between you and someone you had never considered, like a passing star knocking a comet into orbit around the Sun. Keep a close watch on the joy that erupts from this new connection for it can either become a drain on your energy or cause your heart to grow three sizes.


If you feel hemmed in at the moment by dependence on the benefices of other people, stay the course, for after a day of work chaos that demands much of you and over-structured collaboration you will meet with sudden and exciting motion that causes your feeling of indebtedness to them to catch fire and turn into a source of deep and lasting joy.


A friend wants to join with you in a collaborative business partnership, and it isn’t any ordinary Amway-style pyramid scheme but rather it may prove to be a way to create a lasting legacy of structured joy among the people with whom you bump shoulders day in and day out. Listen to what they have to say because their idea may be the diamond in the rough you’ve been seeking.


Welcome the boons with which life presents you, even ones as insignificant as a kind face turned in your direction. If you’re having trouble at the office, stay the course; there is an end in sight as regards a potential draining situation in your career, and it will likely come to you in the form of a coworker who picks up an extra hour or shift out of the goodness of their heart to help you by staving off the encroaching madness.


What may seem like nonchalant dalliances with big ideas and bigger mysteries will yield to a deeper commitment to the joy of truth-telling and truth-seeking today. That commitment will become a weapon in your heart’s arsenal in short order as you remain mindful of the ways that the truth has indeed set you free—and you can’t wait to bring that truth to others, can you?


The fear of losing a parent, or losing any connection to our roots, is something that every person must face, but you find it occupying your thought life today as news of goings-on in your neighborhood cause such matters to hit home with especial poignance today. Although such worry could inundate you easily, allow it to cause you to redouble your efforts to love those around you with fierce devotion today.


If you make plans with a friend today, you can expect this small yet surprising getaway to a place not too far off proves to be the perfect opportunity to reconnect with yourself after all the tension that you’ve been experiencing over the past several days. Indeed, “getting away” is the very thing you need to get out of the thistle patch in which you’ve been entangled.


If you have a pet, you’ll find them unusually important to you today as they assist you in reconnecting with your essential priorities amid the storm of chaos that threatens to consume your sense of connectedness with home and your very roots these days. Not only that, but their companionship proves to shake you out of any funk you’ve been in. Treasure their presence.


The day brings a cluster of good tidings despite the resonant aftershocks of tectonic shifts happening in your neighborhood. Await a joyful word from people younger than you which will serve to motivate you to redouble your searching and fearless examination of the ways in which your non-existent boundaries can benefit from even the gentlest suggestion of a definite form.

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Featured image by Josh Applegate on Unsplash

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