Daily Horoscopes — 29 July 2018

The Moon stands off against a brassy and bombastic Mercury prior to moving into Pisces as she decreases in light. The Moon has Face rulership at her degree in Aquarius and happens is in Mercury’s triplicity at the time of the opposition, meaning Mercury is only slightly inclined to hear what she has to say… but Mercury is retrograde at this point, so he’s slogging backwards toward a confrontation and the Moon isn’t keen on it.


Opposing volleys of words at a family get-together superheat the air and you can’t get enough of it. If there’s a way for you to take delight in the exchange without making it worse for all parties involved, go ahead—but be careful that you don’t put yourself in a position where you find the remarks might be made about you.


An interesting situation arises at work where the foundations you have been laying for a creative endeavor are now under studied scrutiny by your coworkers, and yet, you seem to enjoy having the opposition as it gives you the chance to dig in your heels even further, adamant that your vision for a way forward with the project is right (as it always has been, you’re sure). Enjoy that fun while it lasts.


You don’t need to go far to find your fortune falling all around like pennies from heaven—just a few trips around town will do the job, and you’ll be able to find them wherever you end up today. Just remember that these serendipities are only worth pennies, and you can expect them to sting a little when they hit you from a distance.


What emerged as a wash of anxious inner dialogue yesterday is shown to be what it is today when a financial concern reveals that all of the froth you’ve gotten yourself worked into is just a web of words that stands in the way of you taking right action to resolve the problem that has presented itself. Keep this lesson close to your heart moving forward.


You’ve got big talk, but do the actions you choose to take match the expectations that you build for yourself and your friends with your winning and wanton words? Where this comes down to is a challenge that will emerge in a collaborative partnership that will require you to look to the ways that the trouble you have created for yourself is no match for the assistance you have from your friends.


A friend’s illness causes your heart to leap out of your chest in compassion towards them, and this interior motion reminds you once again that you are the one with the most control over the actions you choose, and the multifaceted ways in which you are perceived in this world. If you want to be perceived as a force of healing, then behave as one.


Tensions erupt in what was supposed to be a fun project when your understanding of the end goal doesn’t line up with the vision of your mentors and teachers. Those who initially seemed to be on your side may prove to be false friends when they see the way in which this weighty undertaking will contribute to your abundance. Stay true to the fixed course of your initial ideas.


A teacher takes a friend to task in a way that you haven’t quite seen since elementary school. Consider who or what comprises the “teachers” you have in your life now, and consider how watching their interactions with others in your world has been formative in showing you how to use your deep wells of intensity for good rather than for ill. What can you learn from this outburst?


Just as word of money owed came to you yesterday, the question of your extant financial obligations will generate tensions in your partnership and your professional life today as you consider the cruel teacher the bondage of debt can be. This fleeting tension will pass (it is no catastrophe waiting in the wings), and perhaps it will pass easier if you attend to the lessons your present struggles are inviting you to embody.


Once again, a trusted partner or collaborator is at your right hand today, fighting lividly on your behalf. Don’t be surprised if today’s showdown has to do with educational debt. What did you do to attract such a person into your life? And with what obligations of thanks and generosity will you show your gratitude for their presence at your side? Treasure them.


You’re still recovering from the shock of yesterday’s sudden physical setback, however minor it may be, but today your body’s harsh lesson draws your attention to the way you view a trusted partner or collaborator with an admixture of both joy and fear. By its very nature love requires sacrifice, and you realize today that your current physical illness might be the result of having over-sacrificed for the sake of enjoyment.


A desire to lay the foundations for new and exciting collaborations by entering into a creative silence will be washed out by the torrent of words levied at you by collaborators and relatives. Their complaints are not so much “about” you as they are “at” you, but assuaging them calls you to step up to the plate unexpectedly to fulfill some big-hearted obligation you didn’t know was yours in the first place.

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