Daily Horoscopes — 22 July 2018


An unexpected collaboration in your workaday grind threatens to grind your gears, but it proves to be a more fecund partnership than your beliefs about the people at your side would lead you to believe possible if you extend the helping hand that the situation demands. All the same, the opportunities that arise out of hopeful speculation with this newfound collaborator might take quite a bit of input from your end to fan into flame. Don’t be afraid to dig down deep, because in pulling up others, you’ll elevate yourself, too.


Winning words conjure a new collaboration with a friend which proves to be a pleasure—once you can get past the amount of effort required to make the new work come to life. Then again, you’re no stranger to labor, are you? In fact you especially revel in it today. Do beware, however, of leaning overmuch on your newfound partnership for the burst of energy you need in order to push through, for you may find that they end up being the very Jenga piece that makes the whole endeavor collapse under its own weight.


Though your creations sometimes threaten to be your very undoing, you’ll find today that they work in close harmony with a little bit of diligence to generate new rungs on the ladder of upward mobility. Or is it downward mobility that you’re after? The last year has been teaching you that in order to ascend you must first do the dogged work of descent, and a little bit of faith in the immortal diamond you’ve found in your own bright abyss is what you need to create the motion you’ve so desperately sought.


Your attention is drawn to the fate of your happiness today as you ponder the question of what simple enjoyments must die in order for you to embrace true joy. Allow the measured, meticulous words of friends and family to spur your horizons of what constitutes a life worth living to expand ever so gently, so subtly, so cautiously that naught is left but for there to be life, and the joy you find as you allow false fancies to die off with be the very force that pulls you into the future.


What do your parents think of the partnerships you’ve made, and for that matter, what sort of legacy are those partnerships leaving? Do you consider them more precious than gold or a crack in your bold and brassy armor? Do not be afraid to sever the ties that bind if they have hamstrung you, but should they end up having incredible return-on-investment, sever instead the ties that would bind you from surrendering yourself fully and unreservedly to them, to the fires of love.


Those who have taught you have been your greatest treasure throughout your life, and now, an opportunity arises to use your piercing insight to teach something to those who have come before you, in such a way that your relationship with them is no longer student to teacher but is now peer to peer, friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor. Do not expect it to come easily, though, but trust that the words will not fail you when it comes time to speak truth. You’ve always known precisely what to say, anyway.


Despite your desire to take a step back from the burbling din of public life, you’re met with the reminder that you must pay the bills today. And yet, there’s no reason work can’t be fun, if you let it be so, and if you find pleasure in the collaborations that emerge when you open yourself to partnering with others to make their vision a reality too—whether you’re living your dream life as a creative executive or whether you’re just a sandwich slinger, don’t underestimate the ability you have to make something beautiful anywhere you go.


Don’t be caught by surprise when a partner approaches you with every design to get down to brass tacks when it comes to your money, because your bent towards big spending creates has certainly made your credit card statements swell too. Feeling the pinch? Here’s your way out—as painful as it sounds, let your partner’s eagle-eyed scrutiny be the boon that helps you get your financial house in order. They’re just trying to help; what can it hurt to let them?


Despite “don’t fence me in!” being your life’s motto, you’ve felt penned in and pinned down for some time now and today, a helpful but exacting friend reminds you of the wisdom of suckering and training tomato plants: if you want to pendulous and prize-winning produce, you can’t just put out shoots and vines anywhere you want. In like manner, you have never made anything happen by planning escape routes whenever a little bit of hard work has come your way. Pruning is good for you; let it happen, Beefsteak.


When’s the last time you called your mom? Today’s not the day to forget where you’ve come from when you see the way that your parents raised you has contributed, in no small way, to your ability to frame up and build the kind of life that you want for yourself. A little gratitude goes a long way, and don’t be surprised if a call home or to your chosen family to say “thank you” generates new, rich ways of relating to those who have come before you and set you on your journey.


Work has been a drag for a little bit now, and it’s only fair that you might find yourself pining for an escape. If the opportunity comes along to do get out of dodge for even a day, take it—and go far. If you try to stay close, you’ll just find your mind spiraling the drain of all the things you’ll have to do when you get back. And for once you won’t be as liable to blow the budget as a simple sensibility seems to bind your wallet shut. Just go along for the ride when it comes.


A heady conversation with someone close to you causes you to reflect on the ways that the last few months have caused you to become more deeply yourself in ways that your conversation partner may be utterly unaware of. How can you communicate that in ways they’ll understand? Even though you miss each other in this particular exchange, their pointed questions and exacting commentary has its own strange beauty that punts you into the depths of gratitude.

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Featured image by Harits Mustya Pratama


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