Daily Horoscopes – 21 July 2018

My friend Jo Gleason put out a challenge on twitter for astrologers to write a daily horoscope column for 30 days, so I took her up on it—and I actually decided to start it a day before Leo season starts! I’m pumped to share these with you, and I hope that, whether they’re accurate or not, they prove to be useful food for your journey.

NB: Remember to read from your rising sign.


The ever-present demands of your roots stymie a duty to put forth some new work into the world with a peculiar demand on your energy that you hadn’t quite anticipated. Allow yourself the grace to orient your outflow of energy in such a way that it contributes to going deeper with your existing creative commitments rather than insisting on always leading the charge. Such obstacles can’t be avoided, but they might prove to be the richest grist for the mill should you choose to embrace them.


Synergistic work with a treasured Other becomes the ground for mundane tensions as creative ecstasy dissipates into the very un-sexy questions about “well, who’s going to pay for it?” Indeed, you’re asked: who is the executive producer behind the Great Work you’ve set out to manifest today? And who’s writing the checks? As expansive and beautiful as your idea may be, the challenge arises from the fact that, at the end of the day, you have to eat.


For as much as you desire to enervate social circuitry with your effervescent presence, today demands that you attend to the amount you have to give. Your own ability to spark connection flags as your emotional—or financial—powers get caught up in the deep demands and deathly drudgery of the situations and structures you create for yourself, including the social ones. The challenge is not to be boxed in by the limitations of your own intentions but rather to leverage what already exists to strengthen existing connections to others and to yourself.


Maintaining your shell becomes the point where the gears grind as a desire to dive deeper into your experience of joy brings you face-to-face with the awkward agreements that you’ve gotten yourself into through words spoken hastily. You’ve made a big promise, but have you written a check that you can’t cash? Lest you be exposed, consider carefully what it is that you have the ability to follow through on; that said, your heart was in the right place.


A friend has their eye on you and are your biggest asset, despite your insistence to the contrary. Meanwhile, your desire to set your own course may well hamstring you from accepting the gift they have to offer. Not every friend is a gift-bearing Greek, and you are asked today to consider deeply just how much those in orbit around you have contributed to the outrageous life you’ve lived so far, for your legacy is just as much their doing as it is your own.


The faithful ally is the one who sees you heading towards a cliff and grabs you by the scruff of your neck to stop you from plummeting into the abyss of your own making. Count yourself lucky when words come your way that might make you bristle: they are for your own good. You’ll let the voice of reason get a word in edgewise as you consider escape routes from situations that have been long in your own making, for it’s never been like you to charge headlong into unknown territory without all the facts. Do this and shine.


How do people see you? Whatever the answer, that answer is the handiest tool on your belt today as the question of public perception and where you’re headed in this one wild life pings off of your sometimes too-idealistic desire to see a world restored to beauty. It is, after all, your reputation that precedes you, and today is the day to whet the blade of peace for the great work that lies ahead, even when that great work becomes the source of your greatest disappointment. Peace is ever a process.


There is always something to be learned in the vicissitudes that jolt us out of the deep-soul diving that has become as comfortable to you as an old recliner, and today that lesson might just be that you can’t do this alone. Pay attention to the way that your own desire to expand your heart by plunging your own depths butts up against the scintillating challenges posed by the people orbiting you and their various needs, for in meeting others in the space of tension you may find yourself with newfound cause to molt and grow.


Grief is the price we pay for love, and the invoice comes in today in deep and subtle ways as you realize how the demands of the people who count on you have shaped your behaviors and choices in ways not always authentic to who you are. Yet there is a deep joy in the griefs that love demands from us, and paying those debts can only make your heart grow larger, like the nights that now grow imperceptibly longer, opening the frontier for your dreams to carry you into new ways of loving.


For some holy and maddening reason, duty is your ideal, and today your very treasured Other might very well come up against the responsibilities you have to them. This tension might prove electric if you allow it to become the ground for duty to link arms with ideal once again in supporting your treasured Other in getting to wherever it is they dream of going but do be cautious of how much of their dream is yours to manage (lest you appropriate that dream for yourself at the expense of your own).


Do you allow your treasured Other to be part of raising whatever holy mischief you have generated for yourself, whether kids or otherwise? Your sense of diligence and obligation comes to bear in your career as the task in front of you requires a deep dive, leaving you unable to attend to other responsibilities, which can feel quite deathly to you. You’ve let nothing slide; duty has called you in a different direction. That being the case, help your Other help you; they’ve been wanting an opportunity to shine, so let them!


A nascent dream to escape into some kind of creative fugue state will never come to be so long as you have your duty to home and to your extant partnerships pinning you down, and neither will an impulse to cross into parts unknown and adopt internationally—whether habits, customs, languages, or children—make you more comfortable with where you are. What resplendent grace does the gritty sacrament of the present moment have to offer you?

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Featured image by Jessica Ruscello.

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